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If you are or have been a DACA client of Casa Cornelia, please be sure to keep us updated as to your current address, telephone number, and email address by calling (619) 231-7788. If your information has not changed, there is no need to contact us at this time; we will be in touch as soon as there is reliable information to share.   

For up-to-date information on DACA, please click  here​​​​

 Celebrating 25 Years of Justice with Compassion! ​​​​​ ​​ 

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Join us for our 25th Anniversary Celebration & La Mancha Awards on Saturday, October 20th.

​​​​​​​​Casa Cornelia Law Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit law firm providing quality legal services to victims of human and civil rights violations. Casa Cornelia has a primary commitment to indigent persons within the immigrant community in Southern California. It seeks to educate others regarding the impact of immigration law and policy on the community and the public good. 

Asylum Protections Under Threat

Friday, June 15: The decision made by the Attorney General on Monday effectively turns back the clock on years of progress that allowed victims of domestic violence and gang violence to qualify for asylum in the U.S.  This will mean that those with pending asylum cases and those currently arriving at the border and seeking safe haven may not qualify for protection. Yet here at Casa Cornelia, our attorneys are ready to continue fighting for the lives of those we serve. We remain as steadfast as ever in our mission to provide a bridge to justice for those who have fled unimaginable violence and persecution. To be a part of this work, click here. Thank you for standing by us.