Casa Cornelia Law Center is a public interest law firm providing quality pro bono legal services to victims of human and civil rights violations. The Center has a primary commitment to the indigent within the immigrant community in southern California. Casa Cornelia strives to educate others regarding the impact of immigration law and policy on society and the public good. 

Justice With Compassion


At Casa Cornelia, we live by the words Justice with Compassion.  Last year, your support allowed our staff attorneys, pro bono attorneys, and volunteer interpreters to provide free legal aid to 1,849 vulnerable immigrant victims of human and civil rights violations.  Because of your belief in Casa Cornelia, this year's numbers will be even higher.  We have already served over 822 unaccompanied children.

Total Clients Served in 2014 - 1,849
Asylum Clients - 514
Domestic Violence Clients - 614
Unaccompanied Children - 633
Human Trafficking Clients - 88



Auguste* always yearned to live out his dream of getting his education in his native country of Democratic Republic of Congo. Unfortunately that was not 

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to be given he belonged to a targeted ethnic group. He fled to find safety and freedom from torture. Through the assistance of Casa Cornelia he found a safe haven and has now fulfilled his dream. Today, he is a contributing member of our society, has a family, became a U.S. Citizen and obtained his B.A. graduating magna cum laude in Public Accounting. Auguste is currently pursuing a Master's degree.  He wrote to us recently to say, "I don't even have the words to thank you for all the hard work put into my case. You and all the Casa Cornelia staff are so are my angels. I love you all." 


*Name has been changed

"I never thought we could live without fearing the next day or every moment, but now that we have a calm and safe place to live and sleep, I can’t explain it but now I can finally breathe. Thank you."

- Casa Cornelia Law Center Client



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