Apply for Administrative Assistant Internship

Now recruiting for Fall 2017

Qualifications:  Although no legal experience is required, preference is given to students with professional or related work experience.  The Administrative Assistant Intern will have working knowledge of office systems and procedures, plus advanced level computer skills for a successful experience at Casa Cornelia Law Center. The candidate must be able to:

·         Master advanced word processing skills

·         Create and distribute complex documents

·         Develop analytical and statistical reports

·         Create presentations

·         Use the Internet as a resource

Students who are either proficient or fluent in Spanish, French, Pashto or Urdu are encouraged to apply.

Job Title:  Intern

Candidates are selected according to the needs of the law firm and the skill set and interest of the interns.

Approximate Hours Per Week:  No less than 12 and up to full time. 

Fall Internship: Please apply between June 1st and September 15th

Spring Internship: Please apply between September 15th and December 15th

Summer Internship: Please apply between January 1st and April 15th

Strong preference will be given to applications received within these time frames.

To apply, please email your cover letter, resume, and unofficial transcripts to Pro Bono Program Director Katherine Paculba at: Please cc Pro Bono Program Assistant Yasmine Azli at

Clinical Internship Program

Casa Cornelia’s Clinical Internship Program offers an opportunity for law students to represent detained asylum seekers before the San Diego Immigration Court. Students receive trial experience, which includes presenting direct and cross-examinations, closing statements, and arguing the merits of asylum cases before Immigration Judges. In addition, students prepare the asylum applications, declarations, gather documentary evidence, and conduct other litigation functions.Preference is given to 3Ls and post bar clerks who have completed courses in Immigration Law, Evidence, and Civil Procedure. Preference is also given to students who have been active in either Moot Court or Trial Advocacy. The Clinical Internship Program is not open to 1Ls.

3L applicants should enroll in the Clinic as part of their school's internship program for at least two to three credit hours, be committed to work a minimum of 180 hours during the term on their client’s case, and be prepared to carry out their duties in a professional manner.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Casa Cornelia Law Center offers an opportunity to college/university undergraduate and graduate students interested in our programs to intern as Administrative Assistants, thus providing meaningful support to our programs and staff. When applying, please indicate the program(s) that interest you, including the Volunteer Interpreter and Translator Program. 

Summer session requires a commitment of fifteen to twenty or more hours per week for a period of four to 6 weeks, or more. All students participate in a required orientation workshop prior to the beginning of each internship session and are offered opportunities to participate in professional webinars and trainings. Additionally, the students may have an opportunity to accompany a legal team member to court hearing/s.

To apply, please email your cover letter, resume, and unofficial transcripts to Pro Bono Program Director Katherine Paculba at: Please cc Pro Bono Program Assistant Yasmine Azli at

Casa Cornelia Law Center offers students a diverse and exciting opportunity to volunteer as legal administrative assistants or as law clerks. We invite you to apply and be part of our efforts to provide quality pro bono representation to those in need. 

We accept law students for the following sessions/semesters:

Fall - August/September through December
Spring - January through May/June
Summer - May/June through August 

Students volunteering for the Fall or Spring sessions must commit a minimum of 12-15 hours per week to Casa Cornelia; Summer session requires a commitment of 15-30 hours per week. All students participate in an orientation workshop prior to the beginning of each session. 

Although our internships are unpaid, many schools offer work study, unit credit or grants. Law students are also encouraged to explore funding opportunities for their participation in Casa Cornelia's volunteer program through their school's community service or pro bono program. 

General Law Clerk Internship Program

Casa Cornelia Law Clerks have the opportunity to work directly with staff attorneys in our Victims of Crime, Unaccompanied Children, and Asylum programs. Students will research case law, statutes and country conditions. They may draft trial briefs and assist with trial preparation including filings and client interviews.

2L or 3L students are preferred as law clerk applicants. They must have strong writing and research skills, be detail-oriented, and have a desire to gain practical experience while helping others. Fluency in a second language such as Spanish is desired.

Law and Undergraduate ​Students