Diana* is a survivor of domestic violence – Shortly after learning that she was pregnant, her boyfriend got jealous at a party and threw her against a wall. After realizing that his abuse could kill her and her baby, Diana left the relationship. A few years later, she saw an emergency broadcast about police looking for a man suspected of killing his wife and two kids. A picture flashed on TV, it was him. In shock, Diana called the police, shared her experience, and later testified at his trial.

*Clients names have been changed to protect confidentiality.

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​​​Attorneys Who Care: You Can Still Sign up!

During the two work weeks of March 12-23, San Diego firms will come together to raise the necessary funds to provide access to justice for immigrant victims of human and civil rights violations. Help Casa Cornelia build a path to hope for our clients, and see if your firm can raise the most!

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​​​As soon as a person walks through the door to share their story, Casa Cornelia staff welcome them with a  smile, resources to apply for legal aid, and information about additional services. This first interaction sets the tone for the relationship with our potential clients – a tone based on compassion, resourcefulness, and the mission to provide access to justice, hope and dignity.                                                                                                            Read the Full Story 

Dear Friends,

It brings me great joy to take a moment and reflect upon the history of Casa Cornelia: twenty-five years of collaboration, determination, and legal action to help thousands of children, women, and men to find justice and humanitarian protection. It is thanks to your friendship, compassion, and generosity as well as the continuous renewal of your commitment, that we made it here – a quarter century serving immigrant and refugee communities in Southern California.

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VIT Corner: Mark Your Calendars!​​

​Meet Patricia Ramirez, MSW,

Casa Cornelia’s Support Services Coordinator

“My vision for this role is two-fold: First, I am working to

 establish community partnerships in order to connect           our clients with services and resources in furtherance of       the legal services we provide at Casa Cornelia. I will also

 assist in developing a program to address staff vicarious       trauma, prevent burnout, and combat compassion             fatigue.” 


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Client Stories: Survivors of Domestic Violence

and Sexual Assault Seeking Justice​​ 

Our Clients And Their Countries of Origins 

With your contributions, you are funding free legal services for survivors of domestic violence, asylum seekers suffering from socio-political persecution, and children held at detention facilities.

Donate today and bring hope, dignity, and opportunity
to vulnerable communities in need.

For questions about making an outright gift or a planned
gift to Casa Cornelia, contact Courtney Brown, Director of Philanthropy at CBrown@CasaCornelia.org

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Carmen M. Chavez and Lucy Howell, Vice-Chair of the Board, at the 2017 La Mancha Awards.

Please join us for the VIT Appreciation Party on Thursday, April 19 at the offices of Casa Cornelia Law Center. We love our volunteers, and cannot wait to celebrate our collective accomplishments!

Questions? Contact Artemisa Valle, VIT Program Coordinator at AValle@casacornelia.org or  (619) 231-7788, Ext. 302

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In 2017, Casa Cornelia responded to 2,441 children, women, and men from various countries and nationalities. Of these 2,441 clients, 2,143 were nationals from Latin America, 197 from Africa, 39 from Asia, 31 from the Middle East, 20 from Eastern Europe, 6 from Western Europe, and 4 from North America.

Winter 2018


Casa Cornelia Law Center: Celebrating 25 Years of Justice with Compassion

A letter from Carmen M. Chavez, Esq., Executive Director

Casa Cornelia’s Reception: Opening Doors for Clients Seeking Justice

A conversation with Evelyn Hernandez, Receptionist at Casa Cornelia