Nominate Casa Cornelia for a Cy Pres Award!

Casa Cornelia Law Center is an ideal place to direct Cy Pres Awards. Our mission is to provide quality pro bono legal services to victims of human and civil rights violations.  Your nomination for Cy Pres Awards supports Casa Cornelia in providing life saving, free legal services to men, women, and children in need.  

What is a Cy Pres Award?

Cy Pres are funds in class action cases (and sometimes other types of proceedings like probate matters) that, for any number of reasons, cannot be distributed to the class members or beneficiaries who were the intended recipients. Typically, courts can distribute these residual funds to appropriate charitable causes, and Casa Cornelia would benefit greatly from this gift.

Casa Cornelia is an Ideal Choice for a Cy Pres Award 

Our History - This year, Casa Cornelia celebrates 24 years of service to victims in San Diego. Our longevity and our growth reflect the ongoing need for our services as well as our commitment to justice for those in need.  We are passionate about alleviating the burdens of human and civil rights violations on the individuals and families that seek our help.    

Our Quality Services - Casa Cornelia is committed to providing quality legal services to the indigent victims seeking our support.  Each volunteer attorney is mentored by highly trained and seasoned attorneys with years of experience in asylum law and immigration law. 

Our Impact - We are the largest public interest firm in San Diego.  In calendar year 2016, Casa Cornelia responded to more than 2,280 women, men, and children fleeing violence and seeking safe haven in the United States. The vast majority of these individuals are now living productive lives free from fear. 

Our Cost Effective Program Design - We pride ourselves on our prudent use of financial resources. We engage volunteer attorneys from the private bar to represent clients in need. Volunteer attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, interpreters, translators and law students all contribute valuable time and expertise. In 2016, our volunteers contributed 18,951 hours of their time to helping Casa Cornelia's clients.

To learn more about how you can help victims of human and civil rights violations through Cy Pres awards and other awards of residual funds, please contact Courtney Brown at CBrown@CasaCornelia.org or at (619) 231-7788 x304.