​Children's Program

Thousands of unaccompanied children—some of whom have trekked hundreds, and in some cases thousands of miles—come to the U.S. each year searching for parents, or seeking work to support their families. Some have suffered physical abuse, parental abandonment or traumatic separations from their families.  Find out more here

Victims Of Crime 


​​Among the most vulnerable in the immigrant community are undocumented victims of crime, including domestic violence and human trafficking. The domestic violence victim is entitled by law to immigrant visas. However, these victims are dependent upon their abusers to access the system. Their abusers refuse to help them with the process. Find out more here 


As soon as they set foot in the U.S., asylum seekers must immediately convince immigration officials that they have a credible fear of returning to their homeland, or face immediate deportation. As a result of draconian immigration laws, most are then arrested and hauled off in shackles to detention facilities.

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